Dilapidations Surveys and Costings

End of lease dilapidation services are regularly provided by our firm. We provide independent and ethical professional solutions for Freeholders and Leaseholders at commencement and termination of lease transactions. We work in accordance with the RICS Guidance Notes on Dilapidations, 6th Edition and the Pre-Action Protocol of the Property Litigation Association, and their revisions from time to time. We provide no waffle and up-front information and our surveyors have technical know-how and commercial nous.

Our fee proposals are individually tailored and absolutely transparent. Dilapidation building surveys and schedules provide you with the pros and cons of your property, cost budgets, related line by line to your lease clauses. We believe in placing our clients in an informed position, not wasting their time, protecting their interest to ensure they are able to proceed with their core business.

We are on hand at all times during the process to give support in making the right informed decision. Property owners need us for: