Condition Reports

We prepare condition reports, which are useful mechanisms both for residential properties and commercial properties. In residential properties and as a house owner prepares to sell his home, a condition survey can be key to enabling him to work out the essential repairs that will reduce resistance to purchase along with items that, unless repaired, would attract negotiation from potential purchasers.

Relating to commercial property, condition reports are commonly required at commencement and at termination of lease. Unless a Leaseholder has a record of the condition of a property when they take possession, they do not know the obligation they are taking on and they would be unable to defend a challenge for dis-repair at the termination. Indeed, entering into a full repairing lease without the benefit of an accurate condition report is reckless and exposes directors to a charge of insufficient due diligence. Where directors or principals require information on what is required by them at any stage during the lease process, they should contact us.

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